Throughout the summer we have a busy schedule of fold visits, events, shows and tours.  This page contains details and photos of how the events went, along with links to download our back issues of our quarterly newsletter.

Future events can be found on our events page.  


Our Chairman, Daniel welcomed 43 members and families of the Club and representing the Highland Cattle Society, Vice President, Sir James Paice from Cambridgeshire.


As President, Charlie Edwards thanked the Club for giving him the opportunity to be President for what had been an enjoyable two years. He was disappointed by the response to the e-mail sent out by the Society regarding a show and sale south of the border and noted that the Club had run a show and sale for a number of years but had seen a slow decline in the number and quality of the cattle brought forward.


Daniel began his report by reflecting on the Club visit to Belvoir Brewery which had been an informative social event with both old and new members attending. Summer shows had been well attended by Club members flying the flag for the breed with the Club show coming at the end of the season, being held in conjunction with Edenbridge and Oxted on August bank holiday weekend. There was a good show of cattle with Mrs. Sandie Tedbury taking the championship and Mrs. Jane Whitehouse taking reserve. Many thanks to Mrs.Whitehouse for providing the refreshments for the evening get together. The year was rounded off with a visit to the Grafton Fold of Lindsey Trees that had been well attended and most informative with a lesson on foot trimming, butchery demonstration, beer tasting and entertainment. He was pleased to report that the website is up to date and anyone wishing to place an advert on it should contact him.


Secretary, Liz congratulated Daniel and Fiona for all their hard work in bringing the website up to date making it a useful tool for members. Websites are excellent but are only as good as the information they provide so having one that is up to date is very important. Liz started her report with the website as it is many peoples’ access to the breed and her e-mail being on it means that she receives a number of requests for cattle, information and bulls to hire. These enquires are directed to club members in the relevant areas. Thanks were expressed to Fiona for putting the newsletter together and Robert Tedbury for sending it out to members. We welcome photographs and items of interest that you may wish to see in the newsletter. Liz concluded by congratulating the committee on working so effectively making taking he minutes such a pleasure.

Treasurer, Sandie Tedbury reported that Club funds were in good order with a final balance of £5754. This healthy balance is in part due to members donating their time. The club has 42 members, 6 new 5 of whom are in attendance today. Acceptance of the report proposed by Brenda Ayres and seconded by John Monk.


Prior to the election of the officers’ a resolution was put forward to amend the constitution to state that at the A.G.M. a committee shall be elected with no restrictions on members length of service.

Officers’ and Committee for 2019;

President: Jose Barr

Chairman: Brian Dalby

Vice-Chairman: Robert Tedbury

Treasurer: Sandie Tedbury

Secretary: Elizabeth Gwynn

Newsletter: Fiona Cox

Website: Daniel Rowbottom

Show Co-ordinator: Jose’ Barr

Committee; Lindsey Trees, Robert Wain, Jeff Dale, Jim Ayres, Charlie Edwards, Paul Harris with a warm welcome to Sarah Tyler, Peter Smith and Guy Mumford


Events for 2019

a) 28th April 2019, Hartpury College, Gloucestershire

b) Club Show in conjunction with Rutland County Show on 2nd June 2019. Please support this show whether showing or not.

c) Visit to the Stockley Fold of Sue and Peter Smith in Herefordshire on 22nd Sept 2019.

Presentation of Trophies made on behalf of the Club by President Mrs. Jose’ Barr

Large Fold: John and Valerie Monk-Chadwich Fold: runner-up T.P.Radford

Medium Fold: Rhian Thomas and Eilwyn Davies-Caradog Fold: runner-up Robert and Sandie Tedbury-Hardham Highlands

Small Fold: Guy Mumford- Yarchester Fold: runner-up Paul and Julie Yates

Novice Trophy: Paul and Julie Yates-Dovely Fold

Jose’ was delighted that so many people had sent in their show results this year and it was good to see some new faces taking the trophies.



Thirty four members and friends of the Club were welcomed by Martin and Lindsey Trees, in the courtyard of their delightful home with coffee and cake prior to starting a tour around the farm that had been their home for twenty eight years. Until the 1960’s the land had been full of plums.

Being close to Stratford, it is thought that Temple Grafton Church may had been the scene of Shakespeare’s wedding. He may well have walked the footpath that passes through the yard of the house. It is believed that the yard had also been the barracks for Cromwell’s troops when they were stationed in the area. The top room of the house was also thought to be a meeting place for a coven of white witches.

Members enjoyed a leisurely walk through the paddocks enjoying the various groups of cattle before reaching a large barn and handling facilities where cattle are brought back to for calving in the winter. There it was time to stop and watch Duncan Handley judging a young bull. He advised members on what he would be looking for if the animal was presented to him in the show ring. Much thought must be given to the keeping of bulls and a serious discussion on the quality of our cattle is needed. At this stop Eric Samson (Big Eric) of Alcester gave a fascinating demonstration of foot trimming and explanation of detecting cattle health from their feet.

Retracing their steps members made their way back to the courtyard where they found an excellent lunch had been prepared by the family. Drinks included samples of ale from the North Cotswold Brewery. These were also available to purchase for further consumption. During lunch Alan Benjamin provided music with his melodium while Allan Ewings showed everyone how to make a halter using his rope making skills used for rope making on narrow boats.

Dean, from Maypole Butchers in Welford was on hand to demonstrate the skills required to cut up a side of beef that was available for members to purchase.

On behalf of the club, Daniel thanked the Trees family for providing such wonderful hospitality during the day, giving members the chance to gather together and exchange news and information.

He presented Lindsey and Martin with wine and flowers before everyone left for home following another excellent Fold visit.

Remarks by Sir James Paice


Sir James apologised for standing in for Gordon McConachie who was moving house and unable to be present however this opportunity had made him attend the A.G.M. of the Club of which he was a member. He thanked Robert Tedbury, Jim Ayres and Peter Smith for serving on council and bringing wisdom to the meetings. It had been a mementos year with the departure of secretary, Sian and the appointment of David Hyland as breed secretary and Charlie Amor to promote the breed. Things had not always gone smoothly but the society was now through the initial period. One innovation had been the issue of regular bulletins by e-mail to members rather than waiting for the quarterly newsletter. This is quicker and keeps members up to date.


The Society had been losing money so two years ago a plan was prepared to bring finances back into the black and strict budgeting had been used to turn things around. Unfortunately registrations and commission on sales had also fallen, however numbers are up for the next Oban sale. Council was opposed to subscriptions being increased.


Harper Adams College had approached the society asking if their senior students could carry out a project. Consequently they had given a presentation to Council on how best to promote the breed and a brain storming session at the last Oban sale had been the result. Views were split between between keeping the cattle as an iconic Scottish breed or for commercial gain as a crossing animal for beef. These two needs require different attentions and it is a conflict that cannot be afforded. There are huge commercial prospects as highlands make superb crossing animals. A greater presence is required at the major shows to promote the breed. Last year £1,6000 was spent at the Royal Highland, Royal Welsh and Great Yorkshire shows, however in the future clubs will be asked to participate to save staff costs.


The results from writing to members asking if they would support a show and sale south of the border had been very poor with only three people intending to send cattle so there would be no English sale in the near future. The Council hopes to have much more engagement with members about the future of the Society.


Before taking questions Sir James thanked Daniel for his efforts as Chairman of the Club for the past two years and revamping the website

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ON 25th/26th AUGUST 2018

The Club was delighted to welcome Mr.G.McConachie, President of the H.C.S. to Edenbridge on the August bank holiday weekend to judge an excellent group of Highland cattle. A total of twenty cattle covering seven classes were brought forward for judging that began at 9.00 a.m. and was completed just in time before the heavy rain forecast began to fall.

The President’s Cup for the Champion on the day went to Sandie Tedbury with her heifer, Gem 2nd of Hardham with the Jim Ayres cup for the best animal of the opposite sex going to Jane Whitehouse with her bull, Percy of Jane’s Fold.

A pair of black heifers brought out by Daniel Rowbottom for T.P.Radford won the pairs competition, receiving the Don Johnson Cup. Sandie Tedbury was the runner-up.  The following day Daniel went on to come 2nd in the best pair of any one breed of beef cattle. He followed this up by winning the heifer sweepstake and will have to come back next year as the judge for this competition.

Despite the weather eight cattle took part in the grand parade and then competitors were able to escape for an evening’s celebration hosted by Jane Whitehouse and we sincerely thank her for her hospitality.

Many thanks must go to the chief steward, Rhys Grenham, show secretary, Jackie Shearman and our steward, Kevin for their kindness in accommodating us at Edenbridge.

Look out for next year’s show which we anticipate will be held in conjunction with Rutland show on Sunday, 2nd June 2019.

SPRING VISIT 28th April 2018


On a wet and miserable Saturday morning, in late April what could be better than visiting the Belvoir Brewery in Leicestershire in the company of old and new friends?

Some of us struggled to find the venue which is set in the delightful village of Old Dalby near Melton Mowbray but at least we were afforded the opportunity to experience the beautiful countryside of Leicestershire. The area is no stranger to brewing – Belvoir Castle in the Vale of Belvoir once housed its own, complete with cooperage and cellars. So it was that thirteen members met in the brewery restaurant

for coffee prior to a detailed tour of the process of making beer.

AGM 2018​


 Our Chairman, Daniel welcomed 31 members and families of the Club and making the long journey from Scotland the H.C.S. president Tom Thompson with his wife, Jeanette.

As President, Charlie Edwards thanked Jim Ayres for the time and care that he had taken judging the Club show at Malvern in June. He felt that judging friends must be very difficult. The number and quality of cattle presented

had been excellent and drew good comments from the owners of other breeds. Showing quality cattle is an excellent way of promoting the breed. He had enjoyed his first year as President.

Daniel started his Chairman’s report by thanking the Club for giving him the opportunity to hold the position and hoped that he had stepped up to the mark. He went on to report about the years events. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 12.53.54.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 12.54.47.png
AUTUMN VISIT September 2017


Wroxall Farm is situated a short drive from Ventnor we arrived finding a warm welcome from Mr. Poland and his staff, coffee at the ready.

Introductions and welcome were made then it was time to step up onto a trailer and visit “Pitts” to see a group of pure bred Highland cattle before proceeding to Middle Barn to view the complex handling facilities. Mr. Poland explained that breeding Highland beef cattle had proved uneconomical on the farm so he had introduced commercial bulls firstly Limousin, and now principally Simmental with a Shorthorn put to first generation Simmental crosses. So our next stop was “Grittens” to see pure Highland cattle with their cross bred calves principally Simmental and Shorthorn. Mr. Poland explained that this policy of crossing had led to a marked improvement in the quality of beef carcasses which he hoped would continue until the third generation when he will breed back for one generation with a Highland bull.


Questions; a) From Duncan Handley-£1600 was spent on three shows where was the money spent at the Royal Welsh? Sir James will look into this and let Duncan have the information.

b) From Charlie Edwards-At Oban who makes the decision as to which section the cattle go, is it pedigree or commercial? Owners enter them where they wish however if they are up to breed standard they will be rejected and go to the commercial section.

c) From John Monk and supported by Daniel-The journal does not have all the show results which is disappointing for competitors. This had been mentioned by Robert Tedbury at council but it is down to costs. Also it was better when members were in County order.

d) Could the websites be linked? Daniel suggested that the club website have a link to the H.C.S but did not want to see Society news on our website.

e) Brian Dalby observed that the only way for the breed to survive is to have a commercial highland cross and he had received a good price from a British Friesian/Highland cross. Sir James stated that more information is needed in the form of a major project.


Daniel thanked Sir James and presented him with a gift of wine for his thoughts from Council.


Annie Perkins proposed that Jose’ Barr should be made an honorary member of the Club. She spoke about Jose’s contribution to the Club from its very beginning as a committee member and show co-ordinator. Daniel seconded this proposal and the meeting unanimously agreed. Jose’ was presented with flowers, a certificate and her subscription returned.


Liz and Fiona were also presented with gifts and Daniel thanked the committee for their support during the year and looked forward to another happy year.


On behalf of members John Monk thanked Office Holders and the Committee for all their hard work during the year. The meeting concluded with an auction and raffle that raised £176 and £153 respectively for Club funds. Many thanks to Brenda, Sandie and Jose’ for this excellent effort. Following an efficient A.G.M. an excellent lunch was enjoyed.